Communiqué: Industry leaders focus on 5G research, development and standardization

Chief Technology Officers highlight strategic priorities for ITU standardization

Budapest, 14 October 2015 – Chief Technology Officers (CTO) of leading companies in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) have reaffirmed that 5G research and development, and supporting standardization, will be industry’s top priority over the coming five years. CTOs have also identified service interoperability in fixed-mobile hybrid environments, trusted information infrastructure and open-source solutions as topics of particular strategic importance to industry as we approach the 5G era. Fourteen ICT leaders and the strategic management of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) met for the seventh annual Chief Technology Officers’ meeting, held in conjunction with ITU Telecom World 2015 in session in Budapest, Hungary, 12-15 October.

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