Argentina extends commitment to foster participation of its Academia in the work of ITU

ITU_ARGENTINA_2015-4Argentina and ITU have agreed to extend for a further one year a joint project, first signed in 2014, aimed at fostering the participation of Argentinian academic institutions in the work of ITU.

Argentina and ITU have a longstanding partnership in development activities and projects in the ICT sector. This project encourages collaboration between Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academia of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D). In addition, the project aims to integrate academic knowledge and resources into Argentina’s ICT public policy and regulatory fields.

Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) said, “ITU-D provides Academia Members with a neutral platform to network, exchange best practices, share experiences and research to support innovation in the ICT sector and make a different in people’s lives.”

He thanked Argentina for the project extension agreement noting that, “BDT is continuously exploring innovative and collaborative mechanisms for Academia Members to be more actively engaged in ITU-D activities.” He highlighted the first ever ITU-D Academia Network meeting held in September 2015 which unanimously agreed to publish an ITU Scientific Journal which will focus on emerging challenges and issues in the telecommunication/ICT sector.

Mr Norberto Berner, President of the Autoridad Federal De Tecnologías De La Información Y Las Comunicaciones (AFTIC) of Argentina said, “this successful project has extended the basis for discussion and debate. It is very important that other countries of the region join Argentina’s initiative and encourage their academia to take part in this historic moment of the Union.”

During its first year of implementation, the project has enabled 22 academic and research institutions from Argentina to become members of ITU-D. There has also been an increase in the participation of Argentinian academia institutions in ITU-D Study Groups. Further, the project has seen more interaction between the academia, government, cooperatives and SMEs and enhanced the sharing and promotion of work being carried out by the academic institutions in the ICT sector.

During the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, Member States recognized the important role and valuable input that academia, universities and their associated research establishments can provide to the work of the three Sectors of the ITU. Under Resolution 169 of the conference, with the exception of some treaty-level conferences, ITU Academia Members are now invited to participate in global and regional conferences, workshops and activities of the Union.

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