Press release: ITU’s 2nd Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunications adopts ICT strategies to reduce impact of natural disasters

Forum recognizes the key role of information & communication technologies in preventing and mitigating disaster impact

Kuwait City, 28 January 2016 – Over 500 participants from 70 countries attending ITU’s 2nd Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunications: Saving Lives (GET2016, Kuwait City, 26-28 January), underscored the importance of ICTs in disaster early warning and response through the launch of two important new global initiatives, the ITU Network of Volunteers for Emergency Telecommunications and the Global Emergency Fund for Rapid Response.

Held at Kuwait City’s Regency Hotel, the GET2016 forum discussed trends and emerging technological innovations, financing mechanisms, country case studies, challenges in deploying ICTs in disaster zones, climate change issues and the role of the private sector and other non-state stakeholders. It also featured a series of exhibits featuring solutions for the most effective use of ICT in emergencies.

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