ITU Kaleidoscope 2016 theme announced: ICTs for a Sustainable World

ITU_kaleidoscope“ICTs for a Sustainable World” is the theme of the eighth ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference to be held 14-16 November 2016 in conjunction with ITU Telecom World in Bangkok, Thailand. Kaleidoscope 2016 will explore how information and communication technologies (ICTs) will support the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs call for every industry sector to innovate in the interests of sustainable development. Innovations will be plentiful, multifaceted and tailored to context, but all innovators are looking to ICTs to form part of their portfolio of sustainability measures.

Kaleidoscope 2016: ICTs for a Sustainable World will highlight research into ICT developments capable of supporting the broad spectrum of innovation required to achieve the SDGs, emphasizing the role of international ICT standards in providing the platform for this innovation to achieve its aims on a global scale.

Call for Papers is inviting submissions until 20 June 2016, calling for research into ICT technical developments, innovative ICT applications, or policy and regulatory considerations relevant to the pursuit of the SDGs.

All papers selected for presentation at the conference will be published in the Kaleidoscope proceedings, with the authors of the three best papers sharing in a prize fund of 6,000 Swiss francs.

A selection of extended Kaleidoscope papers may be published in the International Journal of Technology Marketing, the International Journal of Standardization Research, and the Journal of ICT Standardization.

Kaleidoscope 2016 is being organized by ITU in partnership with Waseda University; the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan; the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan; the European Academy for Standardization; the University of the Basque Country; and the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact the ITU-T Kaleidoscope secretariat at

Kaleidoscope events are peer-reviewed academic conferences that increase dialogue between academics and ICT standardization experts. The aim of the conference is to identify emerging trends in ICT research and their associated implications for international standardization.

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