ITU Blog: How can ICTs scale social entrepreneurship? 3 examples in India, Mozambique, and Paraguay

The following post by Katherine Milligan, Head of theSchwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, was adapted from her keynote remarks at ITU’s 2016 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD), which focused  on ICT entrepreneurship for social impact. 

Social entrepreneurship – applying innovative, market-based models to solve social problems – is about impact and scale, not just the product or service itself. Fundamentally, that’s about implementation. How do you get a life-saving vaccine or a life-changing piece of educational software into the hands of people who need it, on a scale that matters?

When you’re trying to change behaviour and disrupt the conventional way things are done, whether that’s getting poor people in Mexico to manage their diabetes better or provide financial services to rural communities in the Philippines, the toughest nut to crack is not the what but the how. And leveraging new technology is often part of the answer.

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