Press Release: ITU hosts Conference on Space and the Information Society

GLIS 2016 aims at ushering new era of connectivity through space

Geneva, 8 June 2016 – The Global Conference on Space and the Information Society – GLIS 2016 – was held at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, 6 – 7 June 2016 drawing attention to the fact that space and space applications have a major role to play in the shaping of a future “connected” world. GLIS 2016 was organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

“I believe the outcomes of this conference will definitely contribute to the advancement of space technologies for our societies,” said Kiyoshi Higuchi, President of IAF.

The international community faces substantial challenges: digital divide, disaster management, cybersecurity, big data analysis and climate change, to name a few. The next years will see governments, industry, academia and NGOs work together in a new era of connectivity. A combination of factors, such as the implementation of the UN Space Development Goals, the deployment of new mega constellations and the launch of new digitalized systems will strongly contribute to reaching this goal. International organizations, such as the United Nations and its agencies, ITU and UNOOSA, along with the IAF, aim to extend cooperation in space to achieve a better connected world.


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