ITU launches new standards effort to enable virtual attendance of live sports and music events

A new ITU standards effort on “Immersive Live Experience” aims to bring the sensation of live events to remote audiences, replicating the experience of being present at the event venue. This work will create a multimedia environment in which viewers will experience realistic perceptions of sound, lighting and space.

The new standards effort will be led by the ITU standardization expert group responsible for multimedia codecs, systems and applications, ITU-T Study Group 16.

Immersive Live Experience (ILE) is a collective term for a set of advanced technologies that allow synchronous transmission of lighting, spatial and environmental information together with audio and video streams. ILE enables the reconstruction of an environment at remote sites using life-sized 3D presentations of people and objects and recreation of the sounds and sensations of on-site participation.

ITU-T Study Group 16 will develop international standards to enable the coordinated development of ILE technologies for the transport of relevant multimedia information, as well as their presentation methods for realistic event reconstruction. A key part of this study will be the standardization of end-to-end architectures for ILE and mechanisms for the interoperability of ILE services offered by various entertainment providers.

The new standards effort will support the implementation of the wide variety of technologies required to enable ILE, such as technologies for real-time object-extraction; spatial-location sensing; sound-direction identification; media transport of extracted objects, including spatial-location information; synchronous transmission of video, sound and lighting; and 3D virtual presentation.

An ITU workshop planned for September 2016 will explore ILE use cases and associated ILE standardization demands.

For more information on ITU-T Study Group 16, please visit the group’s homepage.

Watch an ITU interview with Hideo Imanaka, NTT, Japan, to learn more about ILE and its standardization demands.

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