ITU Blog: Perspectives from Pakistan – women in ICT engineering

“Why are you wasting your time and money on engineering? All you’ll ever be is a housewife,” said one discouraging voice. Another spoke softly, “You poor soul, engineering isn’t for women.” A professor in my first year of engineering studies said on multiple occasions that she didn’t want to ‘waste’ a lot of time trying to explain complex engineering concepts to us on the grounds that they were far too ‘technical’ for girls.

In my experience as a female engineering student in Pakistan, I have found that the gender bias still exists in the discouraging attitudes towards girls in engineering.

In a country where a little over 50% of the population is female, it’s crucial for women to shape our country’s future in the engineering industry alongside men. Sure, there are working women with a background in engineering in Pakistan; but the male-to-female ratio in this field is unsatisfactory. It hurts our nation socially and economically to have such a large portion of our population not contribute to its development.

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