Press Release: Policymakers place Smart Sustainable Cities at the heart of the New Urban Agenda

Smart cities and ICTs seen as a keys to unlocking the potential of Sustainable Development Goals

Geneva, 09 September 2016  Policymakers pledged today to take the key actions needed to achieve a successful transition to Smart Sustainable Cities in the “Montevideo Declaration” , which was adopted by ministers, city mayors, businesses and academics meeting at the 6th annual ITU Green Standards Week in Uruguay’s capital.

The declaration promotes the use of the internationally agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) currently being applied by several major cities around the world, along with international technical standards, to achieve sustainable development in urban areas. It aims to unlock the potential of ICTs for sustainable urbanization, create a critical knowledge base, encourage the use of open data platforms, develop solutions for e-waste management and finally make ICT accessibility a reality.

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