ITU Blog: The Highways of Tomorrow

In the first of three blogs this week that will feature some of the expert insights from the forthcoming 2016 State of Broadband Commission Report, Sunil Bharti Mittal, the founder and chairman of Bharti Enterprises, describes how his company, Bharti Airtel Limited, is building a network to bring broadband connectivity to a billion people in India and contributing exceptionally to using information communication technology (ICT) to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 1 (no poverty).

The full report will be published here on 15 September 2016.
Over the last two years, mobile broadband subscriptions (including 3G/4G) in India have grown by nearly 2.5 times. But with just 137 million customers and a broadband penetration rate of just 13%, compared with a mobile penetration rate of 80%, India’s digital leap is just starting. Given the massive opportunity to expand broadband connectivity in the country, India is truly the “next big frontier” of the digital world.

To realize this massive digital opportunity, the Indian Government is currently implementing a transformational rural connectivity programme – ‘Digital India’ – which aims to connect 2.5 million panchayats (village councils) through broadband.

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