ITU Blog: Connecting the next 1.5 billion needs targeted multi-stakeholder efforts

In the second installment of our sneak preview blogs from contributors to the 2016 State of Broadband Report, an American diplomat reveals a plan to build stronger offline relationships to help advance #ICT4SDG. The Global Connect Initiative for Accelerating Global Internet Adoption is a big partnership for the goals, Sustainable Development Goal 17.

The full report will be published here on 15 September 2016.

In early 2015, the global Internet passed a critical threshold of three billion Internet users. By the end of 2016, internet adoption will grow from just over 3.2 billion at the end of 2015 to almost 3.5 billion.

While this growth is to be applauded, much more effort is needed to ensure that the benefits of the Internet spread to the remaining 3.9 billion people without Internet access. It is now well- established that Internet connectivity is one of the most important drivers of economic growth and opportunity.

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