Green cables ahoy!

A project to pursue the concept of using telecommunication undersea cables for climate monitoring and disaster warning was further developed at a recent event, held as part of the 3rd ITU Green Standards Week in Madrid.

These new ‘green cables’ will enable the collection and delivery of data to the scientific community, and other industries such as fisheries and energy.

The event consisted of a workshop on Propelling a Pilot Project on Green Cables followed by the 9th plenary meeting of the ITU/WMO/UNESCO-IOC Joint Task Force (JTF).

The idea of the JTF, with more than 80 members, is to develop a pilot project (a so-called ‘wet demonstrator’) with the active participation of cable suppliers, owners and researchers from existing ocean observatories, explained Chris Barnes, professor at the University of Victoria in Canada, and Chairman of the JTF.

Experts have deemed the project to be technically feasible with the JTF members now working on how to solve business, legal and economic issues.

Specific issues discussed at the recent meeting included proposals for studies on Engineering Functional Specifications and the development of a business model. A communiqué soliciting funding for both is being prepared and will be sent to possible sponsors.

The JTF is also working on supporting publications including white papers on Science and Societal Requirements for Sensors in Submarine Telecommunication Cables and Engineering Functional Requirements for Supporting Sensors in Submarine Cables.

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