ITU Blog: Why interoperability is key to reaping the benefits of the ‘Gigabit era’

By Mark Fishburn, Marketing Director of the Broadband Forum

With Ovum analysts forecasting that ITU’s ultra-fast copper technology,, will support nearly 29 million subscribers by 2021, interoperability between chipsets (for Customer Premises Equipment and Distribution Point Units) is a complex but absolutely vital component for the industry when deploying the technology.

This is the message that I will be delivering on behalf of the Broadband Forum at next week’s ITU Telecom World 2016 in the panel discussion: “Gearing up for Ultra-High Speed Networks,” where I will be joined by fellow panelists Reinhard Scholl, Deputy Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, and David Bessonen, Senior Engineer at Telebyte, Inc.

The discussion we will have is taking place at a time when consumer demand for high-speed networks, including gigabit access, is skyrocketing.

It is all very well having the technology, but if standards are not implemented from the start, there will always be limitations. That is why the work of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) and the Broadband Forum is so vital as we enter the Gigabit Era.

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