Press Release: The global treaty behind your mobile communications celebrates…

Happy Birthday, ITU Radio Regulations (1906 – 2016)

ITU paid tribute today to 110 years of international cooperation among its members states on the ITU Radio Regulations, an international treaty for governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits for ubiquitous wireless communications. The ITU Radio Regulations ensure interference-free operations of radiocommunication systems and provide all countries with equitable access to the radio spectrum – a scarce natural resource that does not distinguish between national borders and needs to be harmonized globally.

Houlin Zhao, ITU’s Secretary-General, said, “ITU is proud to proclaim the 110th anniversary of the ITU Radio Regulations as a success story of international cooperation through consensus building among its member states with the inestimable support of telecommunication industry partners. With the growing complexity of our interconnected world and ubiquity of wireless systems, it is now more important than ever to maintain the pace and efficiency of radiocommunication conferences to ensure the timely and responsive evolution of this precious instrument. The ITU Radio Regulations are now more important than ever.”

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