ITU Blog: 2017’s Top 5 AI trends are about far more than technology

We are now at a unique moment in world history – an inflection point in which we are starting to see an unprecedented acceleration of economic, cultural, and societal change.

This change is driven by what I call ‘A Triple C’:

  • Automation;
  • time Compression in new innovations;
  • Convergence in biological and digital existences;
  • ubiquitous Connectivity.

The underlying catalyst of ‘A triple C’ is a digital Artificial Intelligence (AI) mesh created by the growing deployment of machine learning – the ‘AI of Everything.’

The rapid growth of AI, and its soon-to-be-ubiquitous presence in our daily lives is about far more than technology. AI has the potential to yield exponential overlapping amplification of value to government, industry, and education. But wariness of unintended consequences for society, economic development, and our paths to prosperity will increase in 2017.

What are the top 5 AI trends to watch closely?

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