Trusted ICT environment for 5G, IoT and Smart Cities: ITU standards director Chaesub Lee highlights priorities for 2020 (VIDEO)

The approach to 2020 will call for ITU standardization to enable the true fixed-mobile convergence required to achieve the ambitious performance targets of smart 5G systems. This effort will form part of ITU standardization work to support the development of the trusted information infrastructure critical to the success of 5G, IoT and Smart Cities.

Learn more about ITU’s standardization priorities in an interview with Chaesub Lee, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.


ITU standardization takes up strong position to support the next phase of ICT innovation

The shape of the ITU standardization platform is reviewed every four years at an ITU governing conference known as the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA). WTSA-16 in Hammamet, Tunisia, 25 October to 3 November 2016, established a clear framework to guide ITU standardization to 2020.

The directives of WTSA-16 call for ITU to expand its study of the wireline networking innovations necessary to support 5G systems. ITU members also reaffirmed the importance of ITU standardization work for ultra-high-speed transport networks, future video technologies, IoT, and smart cities and communities.

Learn more about the outcomes of WTSA-16…

Upcoming ITU training sessions to develop practical skills in international standardization

The ITU ‘hands-on’ training sessions for standards experts from developing countries introduced in 2016 will this year become a staple of the services offered under the banner of ITU’s Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) programme.

The BSG hands-on training sessions develop the practical skills necessary to draft and present contributions to ITU standardization meetings, lead collaborative work, gain support for proposals, and build the consensus essential to ITU decision-making.

See the February-March schedule of BSG hands-on training sessions…

Upcoming ITU events to explore emerging trends and their influence on ITU standardization

ITU’s standardization expert groups (ITU-T Study Groups) will meet throughout the year, developing international standards that provide common platforms for ICT growth and innovation.

ITU will also organize a range of open events to discuss emerging ICT trends and associated demands on ITU standardization. High-priority upcoming events include:

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