21 March: ITU workshop on blockchain to build trust online

BlockchainWorkshopAn ITU Workshop on Security Aspects of Blockchain in Geneva, 21 March 2017, will examine blockchain’s potential to build trust into a wider variety of our interactions online.

Blockchains – linear chains of cryptographically generated data – are inherently resistant to modification, with blockchain technology developed to enable trusted transactions free of a middleman.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and open to all. Register here…

Technical sessions will assess the status of blockchain technology and its application, focusing on blockchain use-cases supporting security, privacy and trust. The workshop will in parallel explore the surrounding policy and regulatory environment.

An expert roundtable will bring together representatives of industry associations and standards bodies to identify where ITU-T Study Group 17 (Security) could contribute to further standards collaboration in support of blockchain.

Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

  • Christian Cachin, IBM Research
  • David Watrin, Swisscom
  • Benoît Abeloos, EC DG-CONNECT
  • Sylvan Tran, Aetna
  • Kathleen Moriarty, IETF Security Area Director

For more information on the workshop, visit the event’s webpage…

ITU-T Study Group 17 will meet in Geneva, 22-30 March 2017. Learn more…

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