AI for Good Global Summit: How AI will transform healthcare (VIDEO)

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are granting machines the ability to learn, improve and make calculated decisions in ways that will enable them to perform tasks once thought to rely solely on human experience, creativity and ingenuity.

The AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, 7-9 June 2017, aims to promote the development and democratization of AI solutions to address global challenges such as poverty, hunger, health, education and environmental sustainability.

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The summit will feature a series of ‘breakthrough sessions’ to propose near-term, practical applications of AI. A session led by WHO in partnership with UNESCO will explore AI’s potential to achieve breakthroughs in medicine.

Doctors cannot keep pace with the production of medical data and related research. AI can analyze large datasets of medical imagery and undertake extensive reviews of the latest medical research to guide evidence-based treatments and inform healthcare policy. With AI handling what would be very laborious work for human beings, doctors will have more time to concentrate on high-level analysis.

“It really has the opportunity to shift healthcare from the practice of medicine to the real science of medicine,” says Daniel Kraft, MD, Chair for Medicine at Singularity University.

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