ITU Blog: Time to end the ‘AI: good or evil?’ debate and act for good

The following post was first published in IT World Canada. It highlights ITU’s new work to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for social good, including the upcoming AI for Good Global Summit in June.

aiThere is so much written on this debate that it is nearly impossible to read and consider it all. Do a Google search for Evil AI and you get about 25,400,000 results. Do the same for Good AI and you get about 169,000,000 results.  It is time to end the discussion of whether AI is good or evil and take action to create good. Every business and enterprise can do this.

The Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, UK specializes “in looking at the ‘big-picture’ future of the human race, and notably, the risks that could wipe us out entirely”. They see an Evil iteration of AI as having the potential for human extinction. On the other hand, a recent BBC article on research at Stanford University reported that scientists had proven that Artificial intelligence can identify skin cancer in photographs with the same accuracy as trained doctors.  So let’s agree that no matter what your inclination towards AI, be it the key to an enlightened future or the apocalyptic agent of ultimate human destruction, there is no shortage of material to support your position.

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