ITU Blog: Amnesty International on how Artificial Intelligence can help boost human rights

Amnesty International’s mission is simple: we want everyone in the world to enjoy their human rights.

Amnesty AI BlogHuman rights are the modern embodiment of centuries-old human ideals: justice, equality, freedom and dignity.

Many of the freedoms that billions of people take for granted today would not have been possible without decades of hard work to codify human rights principles into law, implement them, monitor them and campaign for them to be respected and protected by governments and private bodies. Yet, there is much that still needs to be done.

Today’s political, economic and technological changes can create risks and opportunities for human rights. In this era of unprecedented technological advances, those who work on technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and genetic engineering have a great responsibility to ensure that these technologies are safe and respect people’s rights.

Technology can play an influential and positive role in helping to tackle humanity’s problems, including human rights challenges.

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