New ITU work supports environmental sustainability of 5G systems

ITU-T Study Group 5 invites contributions to emerging study of 5G environmental requirements

Geneva, 15 June 2017 – ITU’s standardization expert group for ‘environment and circular economy’, ITU-T Study Group 5, is inviting contributions to its emerging study of the environmental requirements of 5G systems.

The first ITU technical report to result from this study offers an initial assessment of the methods and metrics required to evaluate the energy efficiency of future 5G systems. The report is undergoing final editing and can be downloaded in pre-published form here.

Additionally, ITU-T Study Group 5 is in the process of developing a new ITU international standard detailing sustainable power feeding solutions for 5G networks, as well as two new ITU technical reports — one providing an analysis of 5G systems resistibility and the other an analysis of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) aspects and the definition of requirements for 5G mobile systems.

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