Close of WTSA-12 marks the start of a new era for ITU-T

Adopting six new Resolutions, ITU’s membership has called on ITU-T to expand its work on e-healthsoftware-defined networking (SDN) and e-waste. In addition, members have called for the establishment of a Review Committee to ensure that ITU-T’s structure continues to meet the needs of the continually evolving and convergent ICT landscape, particularly as collaboration with vertical markets increases. This will help to enable such innovations as e-health, intelligent transport systems, smart grid, mobile money and e-learning.

WTSA-12 was the best-attended Assembly yet, attracting over 1000 participants from 101 countries. The Assembly appointed four new Chairs and more than fifty new Vice-chairs to ITU-T’s expert groups, and deliberations over the last ten days have taken into account over 240 documents in over 30 different working groups.

WTSA-12 also called on ITU-T to ensure that new ITU standards (ITU-T Recommendations) are accompanied by implementation guidelines, and another Resolution invites ITU Member States to refrain from taking any unilateral and/or discriminatory actions that could impede access to Internet sites or resources.

Read the full press release here.

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