Big Data analyzed by latest ITU-T Technology Watch Report

bigdata-report-310x160ITU-T’s latest Technology Watch report charts the rise of ‘big data’, a term describing emerging technological capabilities in leveraging monolithic datasets to solve complex problems in fields spanning physics, computer science, transport, medicine, genomics, finance, economics and beyond.

The report is titled “Big Data: Big today, normal tomorrow” and can be downloaded free of charge here.

Policymakers, business strategists and researchers on a wide array of subjects view big data as an opportunity of unmatched promise, still far from realizing its potential. Advancing technologies are enabling the development of new methods and algorithms capable of detecting useful patterns or correlations present in vast seas of data. Analyzing more data in shorter spaces of time will lead to better, faster decisions across all industry sectors that generate and analyze data to inform future innovation.

The new TechWatch report looks at various examples of big data and associated applications in areas including healthcare, science and transport; describing their characteristics to identify commonalities among them, and highlighting some of the technologies enabling the upsurge of big data.

As is the case for any emerging technology or technological capability, several challenges lie ahead for big data, and the report identifies hurdles still to be overcome in the adoption of big data solutions for a wider range of scenarios.

A conclusion to the analysis of big data resources and applications is coupled with an overview of global standardization initiatives in the big data arena. Covering the ITU-T work programme as well as those of other standards developing organizations (SDOs), the report concludes by identifying standardization gaps and new opportunities for SDO collaboration.

More information on the Technology Watch series can be found here, and experts interested in authoring or contributing to future Technology Watch reports are encouraged to contact the TechWatch secretariat at


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