Milestones reached in ITU Conformity and Interoperability programme

A meeting of ITU-T Study Group 11 working party 4 “Conformance and Interoperability (C&I) testing”, in Geneva in November has agreed to start work on a “Testing Laboratories recognition procedure” to streamline the selection of laboratories that can test for conformance to ITU-T Recommendations.

 To support this new development,a new correspondence group to guide ITU-T’s collaboration with testing laboratories has been created. It’s terms of reference can be accessed here. The new SG11 work item on a “Testing Laboratories recognition procedure” will develop a standardized procedure for the selection of testing laboratories competent in the testing and/or certification of ICT equipment against identified ITU-T Recommendations. The agreed text on the objectives and scope of the new SG11 work item is available to ITU members here.

In parallel a new pilot project on C&I testing for implementations of the ITU-T M.3170 series on “Multi-technology network management” has also been announced, and charges ITU-T Study Group 2 (Operational aspects) to develop the relevant test suites.

 In other C&I news HomeGrid Forum – an industry alliance formed to support the development and deployment of the ITU-standardized home networking technology – presented a proposal that it join ITU-T’s C&I Programme to share insights gained from its experience accrediting testing laboratories for the C&I testing of equipment developed in accordance with ITU’s standards (ITU-T G.9960 and G.9970 series). HomeGrid Forum also encouraged that SG11 undertake a pilot project in collaboration with ITU-T Study Group 15 (Transport, Access and Home), in which equipment tested successfully against standards by HomeGrid Forum’s accredited Testing Laboratories will join the ITU Conformity Database.

In addition, Iometrix – which provides standards-based certification tests to a broad spectrum of telecom service providers and equipment manufacturers – presented to ITU-T SG11 experts on the need for a conformance-assessment test suite for Synchronous Ethernet technology (standardized by Recommendations ITU-T G.8261, G.8262 and G.8264). SG11 C&I experts will, in this respect, work towards the formation of a pilot project in collaboration with SG15.

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