Call for Expression of Interest

ITU has published a Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for a test event on performance assessment of vehicle-mounted mobile phones in conjunction with hands-free terminals and according to ITU QoS standards: Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 and ITU-T P.1110.

Interested parties are invited to respond by 6 January 2014. The Call for EOI is available on the United Nations Global Marketplace (

Details of the event can be found here.

The event will draw attention to the challenges around communication between a mobile phone and a vehicle-mounted Hands-Free Terminal (HFT). The event will be supported by car manufacturers and the suppliers of vehicle-mounted HFTs.
Testing results will be distributed among attending mobile phone vendors (or network providers that provided phones for evaluation), car manufacturers, and HFT producers. The event will help car and phone manufacturers determine the key issues with a view to improving their own technologies as well as the relevant ITU-T Recommendations.

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