New coordination mechanism announced

Following the adoption of Resolution 18Principles and procedures for the allocation of work to, and coordination between, the ITU Radiocommunication and ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sectors – by the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA), 2012 two new Intersectoral Rapporteur Groups (IRGs) have been set up to coordinate standards work in specific areas. A third proposal from ITU-T SG9 is under consideration by ITU-R SG6.

 The first Intersector Rapporteur Group (IRG) focuses on Audiovisual Quality Assessment (IRG-AVQA) and will coordinate the work of ITU-T Study Groups SG9, SG12 and ITU-R SG6. Its first meeting will take place 21-22 January 2014 in Boulder (USA).  The primary aim of the group is to assist development of ITU-T and ITU-R Recommendations on video and audiovisual quality assessment.

The second IRG focuses on audiovisual accessibility (IRG-AVA) and will also coordinate the work in this field between ITU-T SG9, ITU-T SG16 and ITU-R SG6. The first meeting is planned for Geneva, on 25 February 2014. The main aim of the IRG-AVA will be to develop draft Recommendations for ‘Access Systems’ which can be used for all media delivery systems, including broadcast, cable, Internet, and IPTV.

A third IRG on integrated broadcast-broadband systems (IRG-IBB) is proposed and if accepted will coordinate the work on this topic between ITU-T SG9 and ITU-R- SG6. The proposed terms of reference can be found in TD 359 (GEN/9)(ITU Membership restricted). An Integrated Broadcast-Broadband (IBB) system is based on the combination of the technologies of both broadband and various broadcasting including over-the-air and cable. The IRG will consider system definition and system behaviour of existing and potential IBB systems currently in the purview of the ITU-R Study Group 6 and the ITU-T Study Group 9.


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