New ITU-UNESCO report on smart water management

Smart waterA new report on ‘smart’ water management provides insight into the potential of ICTs to enhance the sustainability, accessibility and efficiency of our use of water resources.

The free-of-charge report, “Partnering for solutions: ICTs in Smart Water Management (SWM)”, is the product of collaboration between ITU and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The report opens with an overview of the conceptual underpinnings of smart water management and its capabilities in tackling water-management challenges. An analysis of the field’s primary stakeholders follows with details on their respective roles in the smart water ecosystem.

A centrepiece of the report is its presentation of case studies on smart water management projects underway in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America. The featured projects were selected based on their merit in highlighting ICT’s role in improving water management and tackling water security, water accessibility, climate change and aging infrastructure.

Drawing on its discussion of the benefits of smart water management, the roles of the field’s various stakeholders and the results of ongoing smart water initiatives, the report distills a list of opportunities and challenges pertinent to the future development of smart water management systems; concluding with emphasis on the importance of multistakeholder collaboration in the task of matching the right technologies with the right stakeholders.

The report is being launched at a four-day series of ITU-UNESCO events on ‘Smart Sustainable Cities’ in Montevideo, Uruguay, 11-14 March 2014. Read the newslog article announcing this series of events here…

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