New e-Health Standards will propel market for monitoring services

New ITU standard Recommendation ITU-T Y.2065 will push the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for e-health towards lower cost, higher efficiency, enhanced quality of experience and diversified smart services for health professionals, health organizations and ordinary people.

The standard titled “Service and capability requirements for e-health monitoring services” – classifies e-health monitoring services (EHM) as EHM Healthcare, EHM Rehabilitation and EHM Treatment services, and describes service requirements according to different roles involved in the provisioning of these services (i.e. EHM customer, EHM device provider, network provider, platform provider and EHM application provider). It specifies the EHM capability requirements with respect to different layers of the IoT reference model specified in ITU-T Y.2060 “Overview of the Internet of Things”.

In order to build a technical framework for the implementation of the EHM capability requirements specified by ITU-T Y.2065, making e-health technology deployment easier for technicians, ITU-T (SG13) is currently progressing another work item titled “Capability framework for e-health monitoring services”.

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