ITU Blog: Girls Get Inspired on Girls in ICT Day

On April 15th, 2014 I had the great pleasure of taking part of Girls in ICT Day at ITU Headquarters in Geneva. Only in its 4th year as a UN recognized International Day, Girls in ICT Day has truly been a global success. With companies, governments and civil society all playing their role in promoting and organizing technology training days for girls, we have seen a coordinated, global push to get young women and girls excited about a future career in ICTs.

As a recent graduate in Communication and Culture, and a Junior Communications Officer Intern at ITU, I am keenly aware of the important role that communication technology plays in each of our lives. It allows us to obtain information at the speed of light. It gives us the ability to communicate across time and space. In a world dominated by information and communication technologies, there is no longer any industry that can function without talented and creative people with technical skills. As ITU’s Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun Touré stated at ITU’s Girls in ICT Day event, “over 95% of all jobs now have a digital component.”

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