Press Release: ITU-IMPACT holds first ever pan-European cross-border cybersecurity drill

19 nations participate in regionwide test of cybersecurity capabilities

Sofia, Bulgaria, 26 October 2012 – ITU and its cybersecurity executing arm, the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), has organized the first UN-backed cross border cyber drill for Europe and CIS countries designed to test national cyber response capabilities and improve readiness and reaction in the event of a theoretical cyber attack.

Over 90 experts from 19 European and CIS countries were involved in the virtually simulated attack coordinated by ITU and IMPACT in collaboration with Bulgaria’s Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication. The simulation, which was sponsored by ABI Research, took place during the ITU Regional Forum on Cybersecurity for Europe and CIS from 23-25 October 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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