Press Release: ITU-IMPACT establishes first Cybersecurity Innovation Centre for Arab region

Oman chosen as new regional cyber-hub

Geneva, 19 December, 2012 – ITU and its cybersecurity partner, the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), has announced a partnership with the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of Oman for the first Cybersecurity Innovation Centre to cater to the needs of the Arab region. The formal exchange of Agreement took place in Muscat, Oman on 15 December 2012.

ITU Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun I. Touré said: “It has been our aim to localize ITU-IMPACT’s cybersecurity services through establishment of regional cybersecurity centres. Through such centres, ITU-IMPACT will be better positioned to respond to the needs of our stakeholders more effectively and efficiently. This underpins our overall strategy to expand and widen ITU-IMPACT’s cybersecurity initiatives in the region, as well as to enhance the capacity, capability, readiness, skills and knowledge in the areas of cybersecurity. The Government of Oman is well known throughout the region for its strong commitment to cybersecurity. So it is very fitting indeed to establish ITU-IMPACT’s very first cybersecurity regional centre here in Muscat.”

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