ITU Blog: ITU Interns Raise Their Voices – Creating a Better World Post-2015

We, the interns at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), believe the world has much to gain from hearing our voices and listening to our ideas. Even more so, we believe global development policy will be enriched if policy leaders act and follow through on these ideas. Representing 33 countries from all over the world, we never hesitate to share our global perspectives and unique points of view with others. So as the world embarks on the process of setting a new global development framework, we are keen to contribute to the Post-2015 Development Agenda in the hopes of creating a better world for our own generation, and for many generations to come.

After compiling dozens of ideas from the 67 interns working at ITU, 61 of whom are under the age of 29, and with notable contributions from the President and Vice President of the ITU Interns Association, we have boiled down our thoughts and opinions to three key points to take to world leaders. If the goal of the post-2015 agenda is to make it people-centered, then these key elements should definitively be incorporated in it..

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