Happy birthday G.hn!

What an incredible ride it has been! It was four years ago that the core standards for G.hn were finalized and approved by ITU-T.

G.hn (ITU-T G.996x-series), developed by ITU-T Study Group 15 (Transport, access and home), provides broadband home-networking over telephone wiring, coaxial cable and powerline wiring, and has become essential to the Smart Grid.

We’re celebrating G.hn’s fourth birthday with a listing of the many accomplishments associated with the family of standards an upcoming blog, but for now, we are trying something a little different.

As part of our celebrations at HomeGrid Forum, we want to share a number of birthday wishes from the friends and family across the globe who have been supporting us from the beginning.

And, from all of us at HomeGrid… “Happy Birthday, G.hn!”


“Across any wire

You soar at speed

Faster than anyone

May ever need

It’s flexible, adaptable

Easy to use

It’s taking over the industry

But that shouldn’t be news!

Congratulations G.hn on your 4th birthday! You’ve come a long way in just a few short years.”

Matt Keowen, Senior Director of Marketing, Twilio


“Happy Birthday G.hn, the last 4 years have been filled with innovation, collaboration amongst competing vendors and risk-taking by all to bring this technology  as far ahead as it has come. It is wonderful to finally make commercially available all the potential G.hn has to offer into the consumer industry.”

Abdul Khan, G.hn C&I Chair at HomeGrid


“Happy Birthday, G.hn!!! I wish you to continue celebrating your birthday for many successful years. After 4 years of investing a lot of efforts, writing many contributions to improve and enhance this wonderful technology, it is exciting to see real home networks that are implemented by the fantastic G.hn technology.”

Avner Aloush, System Group Leader at Sigma Designs


“Happy birthday, G.hn. May the next four years be filled with orders.”

Charles Hall, Analyst at Rider Research


“Congratulations, G.hn! The saying says:  ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. These 4 great years for G.hn has been a great ‘first step’. We all look forward to see this technology march on towards becoming the prevailing home networking technology.”

Erez Ben-Tovim, Industry Standards Manager, MagnaCom


“Happy Birthday, G.hn!  It is great to see how such a broadly contributed to technology has truly changed the landscape of home networks and to have done so in such a short time.”

Greg Jones, Counsellor, ITU-T Study Group 15


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