New ITU publication on standard-essential patents

“Understanding patents, competition and standardization in an interconnected world” provides an introduction to standardization and intellectual property systems and the various means with which ICT standards bodies manage their intersection.

The publication puts into context the recent increase in litigation involving standard-essential patents (SEPs), providing readers a basis with which to understand the benefits, tensions and conflicts surrounding the inclusion of patented technology in standards.

Parts I and II build an understanding of the standardization ecosystem, patent law and competition law and the interaction of the three fields in supporting innovation and technological advance.

Part III discusses ICT standards bodies’ governing frameworks for the contribution of patent-protected innovations to the standardization process, following with an introduction to the issues at play in ongoing SEP litigation and surrounding policy debate.

Part IV is a practical guide to ITU’s standardization process and Patent Policy geared towards current and future participants in ITU’s international standardization work.

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