SDN signalling requirements and protocols near completion

Standardized signalling requirements for software-defined networking (SDN) are on course for approval by the first quarter of 2015 following a meeting of ITU-T Study Group 11 (Protocols and test specifications), 9-16 July.

SG11 has given priority to its SDN work in response to strong demand from industry for standards. SG11’s work on SDN’s signalling requirements and protocols aligns with the SDN functional requirements and architectures under development in ITU-T Study Group 13 (Future networks and cloud).

Work-in-progress international standards (ITU-T Recommendations) for SDN include a document detailing scenarios and signalling requirements for software-defined broadband access networks, to which both SG11 and SG13 are contributing. A software-defined broadband access network (SBAN) simplifies network configuration, easing the deployment of new services and improving broadband service provision. Working document Q.SBAN is available here (members only).

SG11 continues to advance its work on a signalling framework for SDN, the subject of a new Supplement to the Q-series Recommendations based on Recommendation ITU-T Y.3300 “Framework of software-defined networking”. SG11’s July meeting brought new additions to the Supplement, ensuring support for end-to-end services when SDN is divided across multiple domains; limiting the challenges posed by caches, firewalls and network address translations, for example, as they relate to interaction with higher layer control systems; and defining the interface needed to provide for detailed or abstracted views of the network able to translate applications’ requirements. Working document Q.Supplement-SDN is available here (members only).

Related work in SG11 is nearing the completion of a standard describing the scenarios and signalling requirements for a unified intelligent programmable interface for IPv6 service deployment. Working document Q.IPv6UIP is available here (members only).

This progression of SDN deliverables has motivated the Joint Coordination Activity on SDN (JCA-SDN) to task a drafting group with the production of a global SDN standardization roadmap, soon to be available online. JCA-SDN coordinates SDN standardization work across ITU and in cooperation with other standards bodies.

The next physical meetings of the groups focusing on SDN are planned for November 2014. For updated information, see the homepages of SG11, SG13 and JCA-SDN.

For more information, see the ITU-T SDN portal.

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