ITU-T webpage launched with focus on measurements of Internet speed

In July 2014, ITU-T Study Group 11  continued discussions on a new draft ITU-T Recommendation Q.Int_speed_test which describes a unified methodology of Internet speed quality measurement usable by end-users on fixed and mobile networks.

The measurement of Internet speed becomes an important matter when ICT players (e.g. operators, regulators, customers) try to assess whether the measured speed is compliant with the speed value indicated in relevant customer Service Level Agreements (SLA). The Internet’s access speed is normally advertised by fixed and mobile operators; however, due to the absence of international standards on Internet speed measurement, in most cases customers cannot get the correct measured value of the Internet speed. Currently, the Internet provides various ways to assess the Internet speed. However, most of them measure the speed between customers and servers which are located outside of the operator’s network, therefore this measure cannot be compared with the value written in the customer SLA.

Customers are mostly interested in the assessment of the access speed to a particular Internet service (e.g. movie on YouTube, TV on Google TV, web surfing, etc.), as this would allow them to compare the offers from various operators.

Launched in 2013, the draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.Int_speed_test describes the framework and a methodology to measure the access speed to the Internet and to a particular Internet resource. The establishment of such a framework would inspire greater consumer confidence in advertised speeds and ensure that accurate comparisons can be made between offerings from different operators.

A new webpage on measurements of Internet speed to raise awareness about this issue and to promote it among interested parties has been developed.  This page provides information on ITU-T’s relevant activities on Internet speed quality measurements and on best practices, and encourages participation in ITU’s activities. See:

The next meeting of Q15/11 is planned for 13 November 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland). Contributions to progress draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.Int_speed_test are welcome. More details here.


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