PP-14 Highlights: Conference elects new Radio Regulations Board and ​​​ITU Council Member States for 2015-2018​

On 27 October, the conference elected the new 12-member Radio Regulations Board (RRB) and the 48 Member States that will constitute ITU Council for the next four years, concluding one of the key items of the PP-14 agenda.

The vote follows the election on 23 and 24 October of the new ITU Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General, as well as the Directors of the Union’s three Bureaux – Radiocommunication (BR), Telecommunication Standardization (TSB), and Telecommunication Development (BDT).

ITU Council acts as the Union’s governing body in the interval between Plenipotentiary Conferences while one of the Board’s main functions is to approve rules of procedures to facilitate application of the Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the geostationary-satellite and non-geostationary-satellite orbits.

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