ITU Blog: Broadband: Innovation in ICT Access, Affordability and Application

Broadband is a critical element in ensuring that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovation is enabled around the world; it is the platform on which ICTs are developed and built, bringing benefits to governments, businesses and individuals. Thus, a cohesive multi-stakeholder approach is required to achieve the fourth pillar of the Connect 2020 framework, ‘Innovation and Partnership – lead, improve and adapt to the changing ICT environment’.

I was joined by three experts in the field – Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy at Cisco; Jung-Hee Song, Chairperson at Women in Science, Engineering and Technology in the Republic of Korea; and Francis Wangusi, Director General, Communications Authority of Kenya – for the fourth of five planned roundtables in the Connect 2020 series to discuss ways to address emerging innovation challenges in ICT-enabled markets.

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