Revamped DVD release of ITU-T standards

DVD coverThe latest DVD release of ITU-T standards (ITU-T Recommendations) offers a tool of great value to standards developers and implementers as a consolidated archive of the over 4000 ITU-T standards in force.

The DVD release incorporates advanced search tools, including detailed search-by-content capabilities. Search parameters can be defined by keywords, timeframe and Study Group, among others, with searches applicable to standards’ titles or full texts. ‘Tool-tips’ offer real-time guidance to the DVD’s functionality, assisting first-time users and ensuring the accessibility of the DVD to persons with disabilities.

Published standards are available in PDF as well as processable MS Word format, as are provisional ‘pre-published’ versions of standards and the small proportion of standards only accessible for a fee. This feature is of particular value to non-members of ITU in that it matches the privileges afforded to members when downloading standards from the ITU website.

The release includes electronic attachments to ITU-T standards, such as software integral to their application, and/or references to such attachments for direct-download from the ITU website.

Standards and their electronic attachments are supplemented with a selection of Handbooks developed by ITU-T experts in fields such as protection against electromagnetic effects, outside plant, formal languages, security, quality of service, and network planning.

ITU-T standards each possess a unique persistent identifier (‘Handle ID’) based on the Digital Object Architecture, enabling users to retrieve all up-to-date information related to a standard from the ITU website.

The quarterly DVD is available individually or through a yearly subscription at a discounted rate. Order the latest release or subscribe to four editions here…

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