First meeting of ITU-T Focus Group on IMT-2020 (‘5G’): 8-9 June, San Diego, US

Register here for the first meeting of the new ITU-T Focus Group on network aspects of IMT-2020 (‘5G’) in San Diego, US, 8-9 June. The Focus Group will analyze how emerging 5G technologies will interact in future networks and is looking for strong technical contributions to this analysis, whether they are models, simulation studies or any other tangible means of demonstrating the issues at play.

The Chairman of the Focus Group, Peter Ashwood-Smith of Huawei, offered his views on the 5G vision and the objectives of the new Focus Group in a recent ITU interview. See the announcement of the Focus Group’s establishment early this month in an ITU press release.

In 2012, ITU established a programme on International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) for 2020 and beyond, providing the framework for 5G research and development worldwide. ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) is coordinating the international standardization of IMT-2020 systems, and ITU-T is expected to play a similar convening role for the technologies and architectures of wireline networks.

The new Focus Group is the launching point for ITU-T’s contribution to IMT-2020 standardization. The group will follow an intensive work plan to complete its study prior to the December meeting of ITU’s standardization expert group responsible for future networks, cloud computing and network aspects of mobile communications, ITU-T Study Group 13.

The group will gather a diverse selection of experts from service providers, vendors, standards communities and research institutes to work in collaboration, in view of the entire 5G ecosystem. A selection of supporting quotes from organizations set to contribute to this work is provided in annex.

More information on the new Focus Group can be found on the group’s homepage.

Supporting quotes:

Nizar Bouguila, Chief Technology Officer, Tunisie Telecom: “In such fast-evolving mobile Internet market, where consumers’ requirements are moving beyond basic connectivity and value is shifting toward content and applications, Telecom operators are interested, more than ever, in making their networks more reliable to provide better connectivity and easier and faster access to rich contents and applications, which will constitute their ‘core competitive advantage’. With 5G, telecom operators will be also enabled to provide innovative network services to new partners emerging from different industry sectors (automotive, health, energy, etc.). This could be mainly significant for economic, social and technological progress, especially in the emerging economies, as well as for the development of competent human resources and employment. Tunisie Telecom, as global telecom operator, welcomes the ITU-T initiative to focus on 5G standardization related to non-radio network aspects, and that, through the establishment of ITU-T Focus Group on IMT-2020, which will be the cornerstone for future standardization activities on IMT-2020 within ITU-T.”

Dongmyun Lee, Chief Technology Officer, KT Corporation: “IMT-2020 will not be based on any one technology. It should be taken into account how various pieces from wireless and wired technologies will be assembled together to achieve the vision put forth. We believe IMT-2020 will give us new business opportunity collaborating with IoT (Internet of Things) and converging with other industries as well. As a leading telecom operator in Korea, KT Corp. is looking forward to the Focus Group bearing fruit in the near future.”

Hyun-Kyu Chung, Vice President, Communications and Internet Research Laboratory, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea: “In the midst of active activities on new radio interface for IMT-2020 without presenting the direction of new network to embrace various new emerging services, we welcome the swift move of ITU-T in preparing for the open platform to discuss and standardize IMT-2020 from the network perspective. ETRI will support to contribute to this ITU-T’s activity to implement successful standards of IMT-2020.”

Wen Tong, Head of 5G Research & Development, Huawei: “5G will power a wide range of new user experiences, but the bottleneck remains the speed of the network. Everyone in the ICT ecosystem needs to work together. This is the most important condition for us to realize 5G, and this is the reason Huawei is contributing to ITU’s efforts to consider what the road to 5G demands of all parts of the ecosystem.”

Sung Ho Jo, Head of 5G Tech Lab, Corporate Research & Development Center, SK Telecom: “5G will bring new possibilities to people. In order to make it come into reality as early as possible, all ICT players need to work together, particularly for early standardization. As a chairman of the 5G Forum in Korea, SK Telecom has been working with Korean and global ecosystem players and will make continuous efforts to support ITU standardization activities related to 5G.”

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