ITU Distributes Trend Micro 2Q 2015 Security Roundup

In line with the collaboration between ITU and Trend Micro, with an objective to facilitate sharing of relevant cybersecurity material and enhance cybersecurity awareness of Member States, ITU is distributing the Trend Micro 2Q roundup report for 2015.

Titled ‘A Rising Tide: New Hacks Threaten Public Technologies’, the report offers an insight into newly hacked technologies causing disruptions to public utilities, discusses the persistence of ransomware and PoS malware and the importance of law enforcement in cyber era. It is also a useful source for everyone interested in latest attacks on government entities across the globe, motives behind targeted cyber campaigns and newfound security vulnerabilities of public websites (including online payment systems) and mobile devices running on both Android as well as iOS operating systems. Last but not least, the report offers the latest update on Angler Exploit Kit and most recent review of the cyber threat landscape.

The report is available here.

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