Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, and France: Lessons for public-private partnership?


Nokia’s Alcatel-Lucent acquisition bid saw progress this week when French regulators approved its plans to merge with Alcatel-Lucent after committing to retaining a strong R&D presence in France.

Nokia’s Alcatel-Lucent acquisition process is moving along this week after Nokia’s President and Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Suri met with Emmanuel Macron, France’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs on Wednesday to affirm plans for a robust public-private partnership.

Nokia has pledged to “support the development of the overall telecom ecosystem in France,” and to establish a long-term €100 million investment fund in the country, to primarily target Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-security and software platform enablers. Nokia says it expects to work closely with the French government to become “deeply embedded” in the country’s technology and telecoms ecosystem. This would include playing an active role in the government’s “Industry of the Future” program, funding academic tuition, programs and chairs, placing technology experts in France and continuing Alcatel-Lucent’s involvement in major initiatives such as Pôles de compétitivité Systematic, Cap Digital and Images, and Réseaux.

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