Preparing for the Data Deluge: Jules Verne’s Corner at ITU Kaleidoscope 2015

Jules Verne’s Corner at this year’s Kaleidoscope academic conference will ask futurists to forecast the future of data, exploring the new frontiers becoming within reach thanks to advances in data collection and analysis.

Kaleidoscope’s Jules Verne Corner is a space to imagine the potential of today’s technology and articulate visions of its implications for our future. The 2015 edition, Preparing for the Data Deluge, will feature two speakers with 60 years of academic and industry experience between them: Prof. Jun Kyun Choi of Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (BIO), and Prof. Mahmoud Daneshmand of the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, US (BIO).

The quantity of data is soaring to previously unimaginable heights, and its growth rate is always accelerating. Our increasing ability to capture and draw useful information from huge volumes of data is giving rise to a wealth of new possibilities, as well as a variety of challenges and risks.

Considering the great diversity in the existing data environment, how will we discover, collect, store and analyze data most efficiently, and can we introduce interoperability to improve our navigation of data? In the face of regular theft and misuse of data, what are the safeguards capable of preventing malevolent uses of data, and how will we trust that data will be used for the purposes expressed by data custodians?

Join us in Barcelona for Kaleidoscope 2015 to debate these and other questions with leading academics in social and technical sciences.

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‘Trust in the Information Society’ is the theme of the seventh ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference to be hosted by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain, 9-11 December 2015. The focus of the conference will be the identification of standardization challenges to be addressed in the development of trusted information infrastructure.

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