Press release: ITU strengthens ties between technology, business and policy

Economic and policy requirements to play a greater role in informing ITU standardization

Geneva, 9 March 2016 – The international community is looking to ITU’s unique public-private partnership of members for a neutral platform to strengthen the ties between technical innovation, business needs and economic and policy requirements.

ITU has intensified its efforts to ensure congruent technical innovation and policy development, addressing concerns that technology too often races ahead of policy, with the result that governance frameworks fall out of step with market realities. Challenges to fair market competition may arise as a result, and legislation may no longer afford adequate protection to consumers.

Growing interest among ITU members in building greater cohesion in the progression of technology and policy is very evident in the work of ITU-T Study Group 3, ITU’s standardization expert group responsible for economic and policy issues relevant to international telecommunications.

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