New ITU standards on cloud computing, ubiquitous networks and emergency telecoms

ITU members have agreed new standards (ITU-T Recommendations) on cloud computing, ‘smart’ ubiquitous networks and security requirements for the interconnection of emergency telecoms services.

The standards were agreed at a recent meeting of ITU-T Study Group 13 – Future Networks including cloud computing, mobile and next-generation networks. The meeting also agreed the publication of three new technical papers:

  • Migration scenarios from legacy networks to NGN in developing countries
  • How to increase QoS/QoE of IP-based Platform
  • Mobility Management in ITU-T: Its Current development and Next Steps Heading Towards Future Networks

The SG13 meeting finalized the approval of Recommendation ITU-T Y.2705, Minimum Security Requirements for Interconnection of Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS), and reached first-stage approval (consent) of the first ITU standards on cloud computing:

  • Recommendation ITU-T Y.3501, Cloud computing framework and high-level requirements
  • Recommendation ITU-T Y.3510, Cloud Computing Infrastructure Requirements
  • Recommendation ITU-T Y.3520, Cloud computing framework for end to end resource management

Other noteworthy standards reaching first-stage approval include two new recommendations on smart ubiquitous networks, a central force in the evolution towards more human-centric ICTs:

  • Recommendation ITU-T Y.3041, Smart Ubiquitous Networks – Overview
  • Recommendation ITU-T Y.3042, Smart Ubiquitous Networks – Smart Traffic Control and Resource Management Functions

Following the adoption of a Resolution on Software Defined Networking (SDN) at last November’s World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-12) in Dubai, much discussion was also dedicated to planning the course of ITU’s standardization work on this important work area. In addition, ITU-T Study Group 17 participants were invited to discuss the division of work between the two groups as it relates to standards for security in cloud computing.

More information on ITU-T Study Group 13 is available here

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