New ITU standard on identity and access management

A new ITU international standard will bring greater business relevance to the identity and access management (IAM) systems employed by enterprises to manage electronic identities and control access to ICT resources. The standard will enable more intuitive, cost-effective assignment and management of IAM roles and user permissions.

The standard – Recommendation ITU-T X.1257 “Identity and access management taxonomy” – was developed by the ITU standardization expert group responsible for building confidence and security in the use of ICTs, ITU-T Study Group 17.

ITU-T X.1257 addresses the lack of business meaning in IAM roles and permissions which has led to unnecessary complexity in the operation of IAM systems. This complexity affects the entire IAM lifecycle, often leading to the need for costly maintenance of IAM systems as well as conditions prone to the emergence of security vulnerabilities in enterprise systems.

ITU-T X.1257 details requirements for a “task-based access management” framework. Irrespective of industry sector or the size of the enterprise in question, this framework has four clear advantages:

  • IAM Role Engineers will be in a position to prevent role and entitlements explosion
  • Application Teams can implement Separation of Duties across multiple applications
  • Access Reviewers can automate both potential and historical user entitlements
  • Business Architects will have the ability to perform SIM-related Business Process and Application Rationalization

For more information on ITU-T Study Group 17, please consult the group’s homepage.

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