Press Release: ITU International Satellite Symposium discusses interference-free satellite services

Efforts to curb radio jamming to safeguard global communications

Geneva, 15 June 2016 – A two-day International Satellite Communication Symposium was held at ITU in Geneva, 13 – 14 June 2016. This followed the first ITU International Workshop on Preventing Harmful Interference to Satellite Systems held in Geneva in June 2013. More than 140 participants, including satellite operators and regulators, broadcasters, scientists and experts from the satellite industry attended the symposium to interact, share experience and discuss the effectiveness of existing and promising measures to combat satellite interference.

“Harmful interference, including malign, intentional interference involving satellite communications in particular is detrimental to the concept of an open information society,” said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. “Numerous solutions exist – both regulatory and technical – to remedy this issue. ITU is committed to enhance and strengthen international cooperation amongst ITU Member States, the satellite communications industry, the user community, as well as academia to develop innovative approaches in order to ensure that ITU procedures related to avoiding radio jamming are respected and applied by all countries at all times.”


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