ITU Blog: Telco security collaboration – the tide that raises all ships

European telecommunications operators, despite being fierce competitors in some markets, share a spirit of trust and collaboration in their approach to information security, a spirit of essential importance in making a stand against cybercrime. This spirit of trust and collaboration was evident at the recent meeting of the ETIS Information Security Working Group hosted at the iconic BT Tower in London, an event gathering over 30 European security professionals to share knowledge and best practices on the latest cybersecurity threats, opportunities and challenges facing the telecom industry.

The telco threat horizon

Some of the discussion points covered in the meeting included securing shadow IT, security in the supply chain, SDN & NFV security, automated threat intelligence, cloud security policy and the telco threat horizon.

Of special interest was the presentation of a “Telco Security Roadmap” identifying the key developments to affect telco security in coming years and qualifying each development in terms of nature, criticality and time horizon. The Roadmap reflects the collective mindset of European telco security professionals and was developed with the help of TNO, a member of both ITU and ETIS.

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