Business and government leaders renew commitment on multi-stakeholder collaborations

In Indonesia, Experts on Satellite Regulation, Market, Technology Trends and Industry Opportunities shared best-practices in regional event.

Aimed at building on the outcomes of the 2015 ITU Satellite Symposium, the 2016 ITU International Satellite Symposium in Bali cemented commitments among participants to strengthen cooperation and build partnerships between policy-makers and regulators in the Asia-Pacific region and the global satellite manufacturing and services industry.

Taking place on Sept 7-8, the Symposium was preceded by a one-day workshop on 6 September, which focused on the implementation of WRC-15 decisions, the impact of new technologies, future trends in satellite communications, and the latest developments in non-GSO constellations and their evolution. It also explored WRC-15 decisions aimed at maintaining a stable, predictable and universally applicable regulatory environment that ensures long-term investments in the multi-trillion dollar ICT industry and provide new opportunities for the future of the telecommunication sector.


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