ITU-D Study Groups 1 and 2 meetings held Geneva

study-group-photoThe third meetings of the ITU-D Study Groups 1 and 2 for the 2014-2017 study period took place during the month of September in Geneva.

ITU-D Study Group 1 met from 19-23 September, while ITU-D Study Group 2 met from 26-30 September.

The work of ITU-D Study Group 1 covers the enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs, while Study Group 2 focuses on ICT applications, cybersecurity, emergency telecommunications and climate-change adaptation.

“Sustainable development is at the heart of the work of the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Sector because ICTs can facilitate the achievement of the SDGs and Study Groups have a key role to play in this process,” said Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT).   “As the ICT sector continues to broaden and to converge with other sectors, collaboration becomes crucial.”

Mr Sanou said ITU is engaging actively with other United Nations agencies, regional and international organizations in the implementation of ICTs for Sustainable Development.

He urged participants at the Study Group meetings to exchange preliminary thoughts and ideas on possible study topics for the future and how to improve the work of the Study Groups.

During the Study Group 2 meetings, a workshop on Emergency Telecommunications and Disaster Relief was held on 27 September.  At the workshop, participants shared their experiences in preparing and responding to disasters and highlighted the central role that telecommunications/ICT play in disaster mitigation and management.

For the first time,  sponsorship opportunities are being proposed for activities taking place around the ITU-D Study Group meetings. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan and ATDI (France), an ITU-D Sector Member, sponsored side events and social activities around the ITU-D Study Group 2 meetings.

Also taking place during the Study Group 2 meeting was the Partnership Dialogue on ICT④SDGs. The Dialogue, which was held on 30 September, provided a platform for ITU-D Members and partners, including public and private sector entities, academic institutions and other stakeholders to engage in the activities of BDT.

ITU-D Study Groups provide an opportunity for all Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academia to share experiences, present ideas, exchange views, and achieve consensus on appropriate strategies to address ICT priorities. They are responsible for developing Reports, Guidelines, and Recommendations based on input received from the membership. Information is gathered through surveys, contributions and case studies.

To find out more about the ITU-D Study Groups, click here.

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